Community Collaboration

Churches, School and Community Cooperation

As Easter approached, we sincerely invited Pastor Leung Siu Chen to the school to worship God with us. She praised the Lord through hymns, and the children listened patiently to the message of the resurrection of Jesus.

The school celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018. On April 21, 2018, the 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service was held at St. Peter’s Church in Castle Peak. In the Service, Rt. Rev. Chan Au Ming gave sermons with a ball, encouraging us to learn through play and games. Then, the choir sang “Be a child whom the God likes” to praise the Lord. Finally, all the teachers and students sang “Lovely Home” to express our gratitude towards God’s love. Through the lyrics ” God loves this home, a happy and warm home. God’s blessing shines on us, and our hearts are filled with warmth and love”, we thank God for establishing and building Leung King Nursery School in the past 30 years, and helping us to grow up in his love. We hope that we can pass on this love of the God and continue to serve the community in Christ’s love.

Visiting and communication

The tutors of The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf hold some science activities with K3 class students. They explore different scientific principles through the activities.

The tutors of The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf teach K1 class students using sign language to sing songs.

The social workers from the Free Methodist Church Tuen Mun Children and Youth Integrated Services Centre and a group of primary school students visited our school and gave performance. The primary school students showed their talents as they leaded small games with children, played musical instruments and performed drama. Our children had a great time with these students and they were happily immersed in the activities throughout.