Life & Care

21/9/18 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

Children participated in a variety of activities during our Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations. They made their own sweet dumplings, played shadow game and tested some festive fruits. In these activities, children learnt more about the customs and traditions of Mid-Autumn Festival and experienced the lively and joyous festive atmosphere. Parents and children also joined the Mid-Autumn Lantern Color-filling Design Competition. Finally, parents and teachers casted their vote to choose the best work from all the masterpieces.

27/10/18  Autumn trip

This year, parents and children went on an autumn trip to the Kam Tin Country Club. After arriving at the destination, teachers led the children and parents to the grassland for some group games and physical exercises to strengthen the interaction and communication between parents and children. Then, all families were free to join in at different games and activities in the garden and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the nature. After visiting the country club, everyone enjoy an abundant buffet lunch at Panda Hotel to wrap up our autumn trip this year.

5/11/18 K3 class students visited the Hong Kong Science Museum

K3 class students visited the Hong Kong Science Museum as one of their thematic learning activities. This visit was a perfect chance for children to cultivate their spirit of exploration and to understand mysteries of science. In the museum, children used all their five senses to explore the scientific facilities and discovered the science within. They had a deeper understanding of science through these explorations. There were also some interactive games and experiments in the science exhibition area, where children bravely explored, operated and experienced the scientific principles.

14/11/18 Outdoor picnic for K1 class

As part of their learning about “Autumn”, the school organized an outdoor picnic for K1 class students. In their first outdoor picnic, children played different group games, such as blowing bubbles, rainbow parachute, etc. Children also brought along food prepared by their mothers and shared with friends during the picnic. Through a variety of activities, children enjoyed the autumn scenery and experienced the fun of having a picnic.

30/11/18 Parent-child sports day

The parent-child sports day was successfully held at Siu Lun Sports Ground. It started off with the opening ceremony performed by K3 class students. Then, the track-and-field meets at all levels and the parent-child competitions were held one after another. In the finale, there were the exciting teacher-parent relay and rope skipping game. All the contestants went all out and parents cheer for their children. Children and parents enjoyed the day and had a great time on the sports ground!

5/12/2018 Nature Classroom – K2

K2 class students went to the sand beach for exploration. They explored the texture of sand, watched the changes in sand, found the creatures living in the sand and picked up the garbage on the beach. This was a good chance for them to learn about the oceans and the nature, and to raise their awareness towards environmental protection.

19/12/18 Nature Classroom─K1

K1 class students visited the Tin Shui Wai Green Field. Children first joined in at some group games in the open space to get ready, and to learn of ways to care for the nature. Then, children went on to feed lambs and cows. They were all very excited. Children also visited the farmland and got to know different crops such as lettuce and strawberry. This was truly an unforgettable experience for children.

23/2/19 Chinese New Year Carnival

Our children were invited to participate in Chinese New Year Carnival. Before the start of the carnival, children of all classes performed New Year dances at the playground near the school. Then, parents and children joined in at games and activities at different booths in the playground and at school, such as trampoline jumping, pinwheel making, lion dance performance and New year songs singing. Everyone enjoyed the events and shared blessing with each other.

20/3/19 Nature Classroom -K3

In March, K3 class students and their parents went to the Tai Mo Shan Country Park. Following the lead of our social worker, children and parents head towards Tai Mo Shan hand in hand. The families also join in at different activities on the large grassland. For example, parents were encouraged to walk with their eyes closed while their children led them by holding their hands. This game allowed parents to experience the nature with their ears and nose, and to strengthen parents’ trust in their children. Under the guidance of social workers, children had discovered a variety of small insects and had a deeper understanding of nature.

21/3/19  Tour on Tsim Sha Tsui

As part of the exploration under the theme “Hong Kong”, children went to the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. They visited the Victoria Harbour and different attractions such as the Clock Tower, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the Avenue of Stars to enjoy the beautiful and magnificent architecture and facilities. Like young reporters, they photographed what they saw, and took many lovely photos with their friends.

22/3/19 Visiting Hong Kong Flower Show

K3 class students went to the Hong Kong Flower Show at the Victoria Park in March. Apart from the theme flower, Chinese Hibiscus, children also saw different kinds of flowers, potted plants and elegant floral designs. The children were enchanted by colorful flowers. This experience enhanced children’s aesthetic appreciation, and raised their awareness towards the significance and importance of safeguarding the nature.

8/4/19  Visiting Lingnan Garden

While exploring the theme of “community”, the Nursery class children, following the lead of our teachers, visited Lingnan Garden in Lai Chi Kok Park with their parents. Children stepped into the community and explored the park and the quaint Chinese architecture. There were also group activities and games in which children dance with their parents and they played the rainbow parachute together. Parents and the children wrapped up their trip with a picnic in the park and shared the food with each other. This was really a pleasant experience for N class children.