Curriculum Characteristic

Nurture joyful, confident, kind and healthy children in the love of Christ

  • Joyful Children

Children start school with one-hour physical exercise every day, stimulate their brains to produce “endorphins”, so that they can start their day with happiness and joy. In the activity, the children are given enough choices to meet their desire for exploration and curiosity. Students’ schedules are arranged with a range of activities. Teachers use play as a teaching strategy to facilitate students’ learning of different knowledge, skills and attitudes.

  • Confident Children

The school creates a living-oriented learning environment, which helps to develop children self-care ability. They were encouraged to be independent and to help themselves with eating, going to the toilet and putting on shoes, etc. Children gradually feel more confidence about themselves and establish a positive self-image. There are ample of performing opportunities in the story approach to integrated learning. Children are invited to sing, create, and role-play their favorite stories, allowing them to realize their potentials and to be more confident with themselves.

  • Kind Children

The important part of the Story Approach to Integrated Learning is the appreciation of picture books. Children receive life education and character education as they read pictures books. Influenced by the positive thoughts, their souls are nurtured, and they are impressed by care, friendship and compassion read on the book. Children become more tolerant and considerate towards schoolmates, creating a more friendly and harmonious school atmosphere.

  • Healthy Children

We incorporated the seven elements to a healthy brain into our daily schedule (Regular exercising, balanced diet, drinking of water, enough rest, pleasant mood, fresh air and music), to ensure the well-rounded development of children. The school also arranges outdoor activities and organizes various natural experience for children, allowing them to learn to live slowly, quietly, and gratefully, so that their bodies, minds and spirit are healthily nurtured.


  1. Story Approach to Integrated Learning

The school adopts the “Story Approach to Integrated Learning”, which is a complete theory integrating story-telling, exploration and learning. A series of activities were designed based on the stories, so that children can acquire knowledge from different domains, allowing them to develop their language, interpersonal and observation skills simultaneously.

2.『Whole Brain Learning』:

Grasping the golden age of children’s high-speed development from zero to six years old, through learning in life, encourage children to start multi-sensory learning such as sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, making learning activities interesting and meaningful.Combined with seven elements of brain protection, brain gym, brain-feeding diet, and barefoot life, it is integrated into the agenda to fully activate and nourish the development of children’s brains and improve learning efficiency.

3.『Mixed-Age Grouping』:

We arrange our children to exercise together, through the choice of peers, venues and equipment, so that children can enjoy physical activity more freely. In a natural environment, the elders play the role of leader and caregiver. The youngers are also willing to obey and imitate the coping and solving ability of big brothers and sisters. Children are like brothers and sisters, and they are more effective in establishing care, sharing, cooperation, friendship and kindness.

4.『Spirituality and moral cultivation』:

(Proverbs 22 :6):「Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.」. Children can learn from Christ and build a good foundation in morality.

Through daily morning meetings; singing verses, reading verses, praying for each other and applying “small-footed books to the heavens”, inject positive and healthy messages into the minds of  children.