Our Team

All our teachers are professionally trained in Early Childhood Education. They are passionate and committed to their teaching and regularly undergo continuous professional development training. There is also a social work service scheme providing assistance to pre-primary children and their families with welfare needs through cross-profession collaboration.

9/4/2020  Children’s Emotion Management and Zentangle Workshop

In Children’s Emotion Management Workshop, the school sincerely invited clinical psychologist Mr. SO Hon Kei, Eric to share his experiences in handling children’s emotional and behavior problems, which provided valuable advice to teachers.

In Zentangle Workshop, stationing social worker Ms. Lam Lai Kwan share the skills of Zentangle. Workshop provide an opportunity for teachers to experience the state of calmness, learn to relax and listen to their inner needs.

1/11/2019 & 23/1/2020  “Course of Nature and Living” and “Frontline Workers’ Retreat of Physical and Mental Health”

In nature and living course, teachers through experimental activities to explore the relationship and influence of nature exploration activities on children’s life and learning. It also inspired teachers to promote appropriate nature and living courses and exploration activities base on children’s developmental stage.

In the co-worker retreat, teacher reviewed the first half of their lives through artistic expressions. The activities also raised teacher’s awareness of themselves.

30/3/2019  Research and training workshop by St Simon’s Social Services

Our school participated in the research projects and training seminars which jointly organised by the Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education (CSENIE) under the Education University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong SKH St. Simon Social Service Unit. The research project looked into the question “Is classroom collaboration more suitable for SEN Children than individual counseling in terms of the effectiveness in addressing their learning and developmental needs?” The lecturer Ms. Fung, Kwei Yi Jessie shared the results of the study and gave valuable advice to the teachers in the integrated programme team. Play therapist Ms. Ng Ka Wai also shared the benefits of play therapy. Parents knew more about the role of play in promoting child development in all aspects and enhancing parent-child relationships.

19/10/2018 “2018/19 Support and Frontline Workers’ Retreat”

In the co-worker retreat, the speaker shared the five sources of life: security, freedom, ability, love and affiliation, and simplicity. The participating teachers recalled the recent joys and hardships to think about the importance of the sources in life. The mindfulness practice also helped teachers to achieve a deeper understanding of themselves. Before the end, all participants worked together to create Pastel Nagomi Art and added the elements representing the five sources of life in their work.

18/10/2018 “Enhances Learning Effectiveness by Brain Gym”

On our 2nd Teacher Development Day this year, the school sincerely invited the tutors from LEAD Professional Training Centre under Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council to share with us the roles of brain gym in improving learning performance. Through different activities, teachers learnt about the principles of the brain gym and concepts of the three-dimensional brain. They also experienced the effect of brain gym on different parts of the brain. At last, they learnt the ways to integrate the brain gym exercises into daily learning for the children, making it easier for children to learn and to improve their learning efficiency.

26-20/10/2018 Japanese Early Childhood Education Overseas Exchange

Some of our teachers participated in the Japanese Early Childhood Education Overseas Exchange. They visited Osaka Municipal Kannan Kindergarten, Fukui Kosei Kindergarten and University of Fukui Kindergarten. During the visit, our teachers observed and learnt about the environment layout, classroom design and curriculum arrangements of these Japanese kindergartens. Teachers were also able to learn about the Japanese application of community resources, their parent education and support for students with special education needs. This exchange was rewarding and eyes opening to our teachers. Teachers felt that Japanese early childhood education provided many excellent references for us to learn.

16/10/2018 “Children Behavioral Counseling Skills”

On the Teacher Development Day in this year, the school sincerely invited clinical psychologist Mr. Lo, Chak Chuen Eddie to give a lecture on How to Recognise and Counsel Children with Behavioral Issues. His sharing helped teachers better understand children’s emotional problems, factors affecting children’s behaviors, as well as the skills to effectively handle children’s challenging behaviors. All participating teachers expressed that the training content was in line with the teaching needs and the skills are helpful in helping children manage their emotions.