Our Team

All our teachers are professionally trained in Early Childhood Education. They are passionate and committed to their teaching and regularly undergo continuous professional development training. There is also a social work service scheme providing assistance to pre-primary children and their families with welfare needs through cross-profession collaboration.

7/10/2022 Chinese writing learning system training and picture book teaching workshop

31/5/2022 Evaluation System Training

21/1/2022 Crisis incident management and training workshop

9/4/2020  Children’s Emotion Management and Zentangle Workshop

1/11/2019 & 23/1/2020  “Course of Nature and Living” and “Frontline Workers’ Retreat of Physical and Mental Health”

30/3/2019  Research and training workshop by St Simon’s Social Services

19/10/2018 “2018/19 Support and Frontline Workers’ Retreat”

18/10/2018 “Enhances Learning Effectiveness by Brain Gym”

26-20/10/2018 Japanese Early Childhood Education Overseas Exchange

16/10/2018 “Children Behavioral Counseling Skills”